About me

I love the Internet and all things digital. The infinite possibilities for exploration of knowledge, connecting with people, and creating cool stuff. My passion is e-commerce, with focus on business development and user experience.

Always learning

Always learning

I am fascinated by that magic intersection of tech, design and business development. Where all those cool things are created, million dollar businesses disrupted, and our everyday-lives transformed – every day. I mean, things are happening so fast right now that few people feel comfortable making predictions about the future. How do you think the world looks like in 10 years? How about 50? 100 years?

Digital consciousness

I’m just really looking forward to uploading my mind into the cloud, or some kind of digital, shared consciousness. Evolving from my biological limitations to infinite potential. Sure, it may sound crazy, but I guess I’m just looking that far ahead.

Let’s chat: hej@zarko.nu